Sleazy Weasel (belette) wrote,
Sleazy Weasel

Someone needs to kick Chris Carter in the balls. I just got back from seeing the X-Files movie and it was 98.5% suck. Just so you know.

Actually, no, someone needs to kick me in the balls, or at least pretend I have them, for thinking that after the steaming piles of crap that were the last two seasons of the X-Files, Chris Carter could actually come out with something good. I guess that's why they called it 'I Want to Believe'.

So, basically it was a horror movie with Mulder and Scully and a little bit of psychic power grafted on to it. Like somebody saw 'Saw' and said, ooh, that'd make a good X-Files. See, for those of you who didn't see the movie and aren't afraid of spoilers, there is a villain who is trying to save his male lover who is dying of cancer by kidnapping women for full body transplants. Supposedly they are the best matches because they have a rare blood type. A! If you're trying to do a match for a full-body transplant, wouldn't you want the same gender? B! Are they using women's bodies for a man's transplant because the man is gay? But what I really suspect and am most annoyed by is C! Are they just picking women because only women can be movie victims?

Also irksome is the cancerous gay man was molested as an altar boy by a priest. Are they trying to say that's why he's gay? Why did they even put the gay thing in there? It just makes all the other stuff more annoying!

Plus Mulder and Scully are rarely in classic X-Files character, there's totally pointless character death (sorry Ms. Peet), the psychic character apparently gained his ability through buttsex, and there's nowhere near enough of Mulder and Scully makin' out, although they do appear in bed together, albeit clothed, at one point.

There's more, but that's the stuff that really annoyed me.
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