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Not being Attenborough, I couldn't think of anything better to say.


Sleazy Weasel
3 November 1981
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First, a few notes about my journal.
If you, for some odd reason, decide to friend me, I generally friend back. Don't take it personally if I don't; I'm very absent-minded and probably just forgot.
If I friend you, it most likely means I think your journal is funny, or you have artwork I admire. Unless you like reading the whiny rants of a spoiled weasel, I suggest you not worry about friending me in return.
I also have a habit of making inane comments on my friends' journals, so if you can't handle that, run away.

Please note: This journal, while once largely a written version of my inner monologue, is not much of anything anymore, aside from occasional fan ramblings.

As for biographical information, I'm a 23 24 25 eh, forget it. Born in '81, anyway. I'm happily married to a Hot Old Man (tm), and actually have been for a little while now. Muahah! I haven't been an unemployed loser for a long time- instead I am a loser blackjack craps dealer. Ah well, it's good for coffee money. Damn Starbucks.

I am a nerd of many persuasions. Book nerd, art nerd, history nerd, science nerd, costume nerd, etc. I usually spend most of my time reading, drawing, or sewing, although I tend towards being really lazy, so I wind up squandering all of my time on the internet. Oh, and gardening and chicken herding, now that I have a good yard for it.

I have a tendency to get really obsessed about fantasy worlds (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, X-Files, Dune) and, occasionally, associated people (David Duchovny, Alan Rickman). Contrary to what my journal may lead one to believe, however, I can differentiate between fantasy and reality, and I'm not a stalker. Well, maybe a little bit. What's your phone number?

My obsessions often translate into my sewing, so I have costumes for Dana Scully, a Hobbit, Eowyn, a Slytherin student, a Death Eater, Inara, and God (from Dogma) hanging in my closet. I used to make historical costumes as well, so I have a variety of eras to wear when I feel extra nerdy. I also have sketches for 100 million other costumes, but most of those are half-finished or never started.

Despite what my brother (staticfoo) claims, I am not a midget. I am 5'4.

alan rickman, anna and bates, asking stupid questions, being a bookworm, being a nerd, being daria, being mocked, big noses, biochemistry, british slang, british spellings, buff orpingtons, bushy brown hair, canon snape, chemistry, christopher chant, collecting dead things, colonel brandon, costume construction, costume design, dante and christina rossetti, downton abbey, drying coral gems, duke leto atreides, dune, eighteenth century corsetry, entomology, erythropoietic protoporphyria, etymology, evolution vs. creationism, exceptional thieves, fox mulder, genetic drift, getting stupid answers, ghola duncan, having hobbit feet, having long hair, ignoring gender roles, intellectual snobbery, intricate braids, involuntary prudery, ixian no-lives, jane austen, jane eyre, john singer sargent, john william waterhouse, knowledge gluttony, latin binomials, leto the second, literary crushes, long-haired men, lord of the rings, making fanart, making people think, making up odd interests, mammalian skeletons, mammalogy, mangling french, medicinal maggots, mocking religion, monkeys typing hamlet, muggle potions, nasubionna's art, nerdly pursuits, non-creepy older men, obscure british actors, obsessing, organic chemistry, pinstriped fabric, pintsize, pre-raphaelite art, prescience, prescience-inducing booze, questionable content, random acts of randomness, recreating costumes, reluctant fangirling, rene magritte, running in circles, sarcastic teachers, scaring normal people, scientific illustration, serial insect killers, severus snape, sexual dimorphism, smoking metaphorical crack, squeeing, squicking daniel, swearing in german, sympathizing with vampires, the metatron, the tyrant, throgmorten, tiny colorado towns, unconventionally attractive men, wanting an e.e. spanking, wearing god's clothes, weaseling, whinging, wishful perving, wrecking grade curves, x-files seasons 1-7, zoology