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Movie Review

I give it a C. Maybe a B-. The costumes, scenery and sets were quite nice, but the director seems to have been unable to decide on a theme to go with, and wound up just doing a scanty overview of the general plot. I had heard that he was playing up the Gothic mystery side of the novel, but he really only succeeded at dark and gloomy sets, and the 'mystery' of Bertha in the attic was presented just as a mention of a 'ghost' in the house and two events when she got out at night, with none of the little hints or foreshadowing include in the book.

The other two themes that could be taken from the book are the love story between Jane and Rochester, of course, and the story of Jane's strength and independence, and neither one really made an appearance at all. There was very little time given to showing why Jane and Rochester are good for each other. Rather, it came off as an angry, unbalanced man deciding his shy governess is cute when she's weirded out, and that's good enough for him. I suppose some people get that from the books, but I always saw it as Rochester being eccentric and gruff, and delighted to find someone who not only didn't mind, but liked to play along. I was hoping the movie would make up for this by giving some time to Jane's stay with St. John, and his badgering her to be his missionary wife, but little time was given, and instead of her refusal being Jane asserting her independence, it is shown more as her continued infatuation with Rochester. This would have been fine if the movie had done better at explaining why she was infatuated with Rochester, but nooo...

Anyway, the two best parts of the movie were 1) Ms. Wasikowska's version of the speech where Jane declares herself equal to Rochester and they get engaged, and 2) Rochester is totally not wearing pants when Jane comes to put out the fire in his room. Hahaha... Seriously, though, the equals speech is one of my favorite scenes in the book, and I think this movie has the best version of any of them. It's too bad the rest of it didn't match up with my ideals so well. I really wanted to like Michael Fassbender as Rochester, but he just wasn't given a good version to play.
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