Sleazy Weasel (belette) wrote,
Sleazy Weasel

Sewing! And Entomology!

I am making this dress out of the best fabric EVAR.

Why is it the best fabric ever? Well, it isn't the content; it's some sort of shiny polyester knit (about like you might find on commercial versions of the dress- comfortably stretch and easy-care, but not high quality by any means), but it's printed with insects. And not just the usual ladybugs or butterflies (although it does have those too). No, this fabric, a medium green printed with darker green insects and a little bit of white highlighting, has all sorts of freaky insects printed on it. There are skipper butterflies, sphinx moths, sphinx moth caterpillars, ladybugs, grasshoppers, katydids, crickets, houseflies, dragonflies, dragonfly larvae, tree crickets, cockroaches, tiger beetles, assassin bugs, honey bees, ants, termites, camel crickets, stoneflies, bedbugs (I shit you not), stick insects, praying mantids, stink bugs, ichneumonid wasps, cicadas, weevils, ground beetles, seed bugs, long-horned beetles, metallic borer beetles, mayflies, antlions (adult), snakeflies, scarab beetles, water beetles, leaf beetles, stag beetles, long-horned grasshoppers, click beetles, and a couple of flies, wasps, and a spider thing that remain unidentified.

I wanted to take pictures of all of the different insects on the fabric, but the shiny surface of the fabric combined with my old and shitty digital camera made for a 'no' on that plan.

Sorry I didn't link all of the insects listed above. I started browsing around at, and now I have to forcibly remove myself from the computer before I spend my entire afternoon looking at pretty pictures of crawly things.
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