Sleazy Weasel (belette) wrote,
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Bill bought me two baby chicks today. I was tagging along with him to pick up some electrical parts, and he detoured to the feed store, where they just happened to have a batch of three-day-old black Sex Link chickens. (Sex Links are cross-breed chickens that hatch out with males of one color and females of another, so you know for sure that your chicks are future layers.) We assumed that the little black puffballs were Barred Rock chicks, because that's usually what the feed store stocks in spring, and I already have six Barred Rocks, so I wasn't going to get any, but then we found out what they really were, so I had to get a couple. Black Sex Links grow up to have shiny black feathers with green iridescence, and sometimes some red feathers around their face and neck. They also lay lots of fat brown eggs.

I haven't figured out what to name them yet, but one of them is a little whiner already. Probably she feels lonely with just one little friend instead of the whole flock, but eventually she will have a big flock again, when she grows up enough that the big chickens won't think she is food.
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