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Have just returned (well, yesterday at 2:00ish) from mid-sized road trip up to Florence, OR (home of my grandparents) with stopovers in Arcata, CA (school of my sister and current location of parental units). Finally put some miles on my wee car, which had previously been used mainly as a 'Sunday driver' due to my reluctance to leave it in the work parking lot, and because I almost never go anywhere except work, and sometimes the grocery store on the way home from work. I generally lead an exciting life. Anyway, pictures later of roadtrip.

Well, just over two weeks until Halloween and I have no costume. Well, I have loads of costumes, just not a new one to trot out specially, which is how I usually like to do Halloween. Current plans: Inara's red dress from 'The Train Job', which I think I can copy decently in two weeks, assuming I don't revert to my usual state of Extremely Lazy Ass. I am not expecting to be scheduled for work on Halloween, but one of our other dealers was hoping to hit an awesome Halloween party, and if he asks me to work for him, I probably will, otherwise I'll just be sitting in our house all night in costume in front of the computer. Most likely. We don't really get trick-or-treaters in this house, because it's tucked away back from the road, and most people don't realize there's a house hiding back there.

I am totally jealous of both Arcata and Florence right now, because both areas appear to be excellent garden-growing areas, whereas Pahrump is almost a complete bust on the garden front. Corn and beans will not grow here at all, according to every gardener I've spoken to since I've lived here, and my attempts at broccoli, squash, cucumbers, peas, thyme, and lettuce have all gone awry. I can get tomatoes to grow a little bit, and I have one surviving artichoke plant that will probably bear one artichoke in the spring. Basically, the only things that grow with any gusto are pomegranate trees and rosemary plants. Okay, and apricot trees.
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